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17 Places to Your Market Pet Friendly Business

Posted on Monday 13 May 2017 in Citation Building

Dog and Beer!

Today I stumbled upon an article by Will Reynolds, How being pet friendly became a link building opportunity. Ive been meaning to write this post for a while but Wills post prompted me to get my act together.

As a marketer I am always looking for opportunities and it always surprises me how sometimes you stumble across ones you never thought of. A couple of months ago we adopted a rescue puppy from the RSPCA and on our first weekend out the weather turned awful, so we decided to visit a pub instead. The wife pulled out her phone and searched for dog friendly pubs. Google returned some interesting results - sites I hadnt even realised existed! The results were niche business directories offering dog owners and their canine friends places to eat and stay.

Increased rankings and traffic

Hotels and B&Bs seem to get it, but its surprising how many dog friendly pubs and restaurants there are that dont - some dont even mention it on their own website. If thats you, youre missing out. If your business is pet or dog friendly you should consider registering on these sites. Youll get relevant business citations, which will help to increase your local search rankings, but more importantlyВ theyre going to send you potential customers.

17 Dog and Pet Friendly Sites

Most of the sites below are free to list your business, but there are a few that require compensation or allow you to upgrade for a small fee.

Cough:В Do you have an outside area where customers can eat or drink? If you do, its probably worth you allowing dogs too. Think of all those extra customers!

Finally dont forget to optimise your site

It amazes me how many pubs and restaurants weve been to since that dont mention theyre dog friendly.В There are tens of thousands of searches each month in Google for dog friendly businesses, for example 2,900 searches for dog friendly pubs and over 8,000 for dog friendly hotels.В If youre a pet friendly business, let your website visitors and the search engines know by including some information on your homepage. Adding this information will help your search rankings, generate additional search traffic and hopefully attract some new customers.

By Sarah Sawyer

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