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56 Link Building Resources

Posted on Friday 10 May 2017 in Link Building


Much has changed in the world of link building in the past couple of year, and much has stayed the same.

Thats why weve put together some of the best of the most recent articles on the subjects, with a smattering of evergreen classics mixed in. We hope you find our round-up useful.

Search Engines and Link Building Basics

  1. In SEO and Link Building Basics: What You Need to Know, Thomas McMahon introduces the first principles of link building.
  2. This article was written by Rand Fishkin back in 2010 but it still holds good: All Links are Not Created Equal: 10 Illustrations on Search Engines Valuation of Links.
  3. Heres the official word from Google on the kind of thing you should avoid in link building.

Post-Penguin Link Building

  1. Penguins Reminder: Google Doesnt Owe You A Living, So Dont Depend On It by Danny Sullivan is a reminder that it was not entirely white hat practices that led to the downfall of some sites. Consider this a warning.
  2. Crispin Sheridan in Post Penguin Link Building Strategies – Pruning Your Links sets out how to rid yourself of backlinks that may be causing your website to be penalised.
  3. Pratik Dholakiya in October 2012 posted this very useful 10 Post-Panda/Penguin Era Link Acquisition Strategieslist.

Link Building Strategies

  1. Brian Deans Link Building: The Definitive Guide covers every aspect of link building В definitely worthВ bookmarking.
  2. Rhea Drysdale answers many commonly asked questions around link building in 33 Link Building Questions Answered.
  3. Chuck Price presents some valuable tips on how to earn links in Link Building the Right Way.
  4. Ken McGaffin uses lists a lot. Here are 59 ideas for lists to help create link building campaigns in 59 lists you really must have to build links.
  5. Inspiring examples and pro advice from Sean McGinnis in Link Building Techniques that Still Work!
  6. Justin Freid urges a spot of thinking with our left brains for a change in How to Build Links Like an Engineer.

Link Building with Social Media

  1. One way to have your content shared and linked to is to make sure its distributed widely. Heres some advice on using Microformats on social media to do that. Increase Distribution for Your Branded Content with Microformats by Andrew Isidoro.
  2. Bryanna Baldauf shares tips on using Pinterest for link building in 5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Build Links & Blogger Relationships.
  3. How to find linking opportunities with an Excel spreadsheet using Majestic SEO data (see the Miscellaneous Tools section). Using Twitter and Backlinks to Build Links by Ethan Lyon.
  4. Marty Weintraub is a bit of a marketing genius, and here he explains the use of psychographics in targeting potential customers or link partners on Facebook. Psychographics Deconstructed: What We Look Like to Facebook Marketers.

Building Links with Guest Blogging

  1. John Doherty is fed up with poor quality blog post pitches. Heres how he thinks they should be done. The One Element Most LinkBuilders Miss.
  2. Guest blogging is likely be coming under the scrutiny of Google this year. Neil Patel gives his opinion in Penguin 2.0: How Guest Blogging Will Be Affected.
  3. Penguin 2.0 shouldnt stop you offering your quality content to quality websites. And Pratik Dholakiya has produced The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging to help you find those websites.

Link Prospecting

  1. Garrett French shares some of his sophisticated research tips in 5 fundamentals of large scale link prospecting.
  2. Ken McGaffin shares some thinking outside the box ideas to find people who might link to you in Creative Link Prospecting: Following a News Story.
  3. Joel Widmer in How To Connect with The Best Bloggers in Your Industry offers up advice on discovering the most interesting bloggers in your industry and what to do when you find them.

Link Building Tips for Small Business

  1. Advanced Small Busines SEO and Link Building Tips (With Examples) by Chris Koszo is aimed at small businesses who sell a product or service.
  2. Julie Joyce offers up some tips for attracting links with a tiny budget in Creative Tips for Link Building on a Shoestring Budget.
  3. Lisa Barones article on Mastering the Small Business Link Building Basics is a couple of years old, but its an evergreen.
  4. There are lots of excellent tips aimed at small and local businesses in Link Building for Small and Local Businesses by Geoff Kenyon.
  5. Adam Melson produces some ingenious and easy ways to get links to your local business website inВ  35 Local Link Opportunities You Missed.

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Find out whos using your images with Image Raider and ask them for a link if they havent already given you one.
  2. 750 Words helps you concentrate on writing that e-book you always wanted to.
  3. Get keyword ideas with Ubersuggest then build content around them.
  4. Or Soovle, a related keyword generator par excellence gives results from Google, Wikipedia, Answers.com, Yahoo!, Bing and Amazon.com.
  5. Use Google Webmaster Tools to find out the type of website who already links to your site and build on that.
  6. Use Mailchimp to share your best content, reach out to bloggers and the like.
  7. Use SharedCount to give you ideas for content by discovering which of your posts have been the most popular on social media.
  8. Use SurveyMonkey to survey your customers and visitors. Then use their insight, queries and even their complaints to create posts and other pieces of content.
  9. Go to Earth Calendar for lists of national and world holidays to help you provide timely content. Did you know its World Frog day on March 20th, for instance? Think you can write something around that?
  10. Free Link Prospector Tool from Teapot SEO requires some technical know-how, but its free.
  11. URLOpener is a handy research tool that opens lots of URLs at once and saves you a bit of time.
  12. Youll hear about link analysis tool Majestic SEO a lot if you attend the search conferences – its very popular with SEO companies. There are some tools with limited functionality available on their website and paid accounts for the full range of functions.
  13. Use Followerwonk to find Twitter accounts for influencers in your niche and try to encourage them to link to you. Easy…
  14. Screaming Frog will help you find out which of your pages are throwing a 404. Fix them.

Online PR

  1. Find out the subjects journalists are tweeting about, and discover which ones may be interested in your story using presspass.
  2. In Online PR for Brands: How to Make Company News, Real News Miranda Miller offers advice on how to make stories that makes themselves heard among the online noise.
  3. Find potential contacts and competitors withВ  in this mammoth Google advanced search operators list by Beyond.
  4. This wont suit every industry but may work for some: Better than link building: Authority Building with HARO by Matt McGee.

Content Creation

  1. A very useful platform for discovering questions people are asking about your industry or product is Quora.
  2. Theres a treasure trove of resources for public data to use to create content in How to Creatively and Effectively Build Links Using Public Data by David de Souza.
  3. Miranda Rensch shares a list of 10 Tools for Creating Infographics and VisualizationsВ  plus ideas for other types of content.
  4. Rafflecopter is a competition creator thats super easy to use and of course, contests will get shared and linked to.


  1. Some believe that co-citation is the new link building. Haris Bacic explains the concept in Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence – The Next Big Thing in SEO.
  2. And another article on the same theme by Pratik Dholakiya (he keeps appearing, doesnt he?) in Good Bye Anchor Text, Welcome Co-Citations: Revolution in Link Building for 2017 Revealed.

Post-Penguin Link Building

  1. Crispin Sheridans much-needed advice on tidying up your links, whether youve been hit by Panda or not in Post-Penguin Link Building Strategies Pruning Your Links.
  2. Google has made it very difficult to take advantage of old grey or black hat linking strategies that used to provide major ranking benefits. Jason deMers outlines the difference in 10 Differences Between Old & New Link Building Techniques.
  3. How to Properly Include Links and Penguin-Safe Anchor Text in Your Guest Blogs is a pretty comprehensive post on anchor text, written by Jason deMers.
  4. Melanie Nathan scoffs at some of the myths that have arisen following the Penguin update in 3 Reckless �After Penguin' Link Building Myths and Why to Avoid Them.

Link Building Metrics

  1. Julie Joyce outlines methodologies for measuring how effective your link building campaigns are in 3 Ways to Measure Link Building ROI.


Theres no magic bullet when it comes to building links. Theres much to learn and oceans of information, and misinformation, to wade through.

But were confident that this selection will get you started.

By Julie McNamee

I'm a writer and marketer for Wonderland Internet Promotions and Wordtracker. I personally blog on my off the beaten path travel blog Quirky Travel. Come chat with me on and Twitter.

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