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SERP Scraper now available for Mac OS X

Posted on Wednesday 29 January 2016 in Tools

For all you Apple owners, Ive ported ourВ SERP ScraperВ to run on Mac OS X 1.6 or higher. You can now scrape to your hearts content! Quick links: Download page with information on how the scraper works A quick how to guide on setting up and using the scraper Dont forget to follow me on Twitter […]


Weekly round-up (Week ending 17th January 2014)

Posted on Friday 17 January 2016 in Local SEO, Social Media

There's turmoil in the world of search this week. Rand Fishkin stepped down as CEO at Moz to make way for current COO Sarah Bird, and two of Yahoo's key employees were pushed/quit. In the meantime, the rest of us are making plans and getting ourselves organised, it being January, and here are some fantastic […]


Friday Local SEO Round-Up (Week ending 10th January 2014)

Posted on Friday 10 January 2016 in Blogging, Citation Building

Blue Monday's been and gone and I'm hoping you're now feeling enthused and ready to take on the world. If you're a business with a website, now's a great time to have a SEO and content audit to eliminate your weak spots. (Get in touch if you need help with that.) This is our first […]


How to use Simple SERP Scraper

Posted on Friday 10 January 2016 in Tools

Heres a quick walkthrough on how to configure Simple SERP Scraper, which can be downloaded for free here. Prospect Tab Country:В the Google TLD youd like to query Search Index: the index to scrape: the web, blog posts or blog homepages Scrape Delay: the amount of time to wait between each scrape Number of Results: how […]


Friday Local SEO Round-Up (Week ending 20th December 2017)

Posted on Friday 20 December 2017 in Blogging, Local SEO

It's not quite time to put the turkey in the oven, so while you're waiting, we thought you'd itching to find out what's happening in the world of local and not so local SEO and search marketing news. Marketing stories to inspire small businesses, tips and tools and a forecast for 2016 are all included […]


Friday Local SEO Round-Up (Week ending 13th December 2017)

Posted on Friday 13 December 2017 in Blogging, Local SEO, Social Media

Welcome to the first of our weekly round-ups of the local marketing and local SEO-related articles that have caught our eye.В  Blogging One way to reach a wider audience and increase the quality of the content on your site is to employ influential bloggers to write for you, and weve come across a couple of […]


Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird: The 15 Commandments for Local Business

Posted on Monday 28 October 2017 in Link Building

Have the number of people visiting your site dropped all of a sudden? Do the numbers tend to fluctuate? Or have you received warnings of unnatural links? As you probably already know, you may have been hit by one of Google's algorithm updates – Panda and Penguin being the most famous, and Hummingbird the most […]

BrightonSEO September 2013

134 SEO Tips and Tricks from BrightonSEO 2017

Posted on Saturday 14 September 2017 in Blogging, Citation Building, Google AdWords, Link Building, Local SEO, Social Media

Wonderland Internet Promotions were at BrightonSEO on September 13th 2017: in our opinion it was the best one yet. For those who werent able to attend, heres our list of tips, tricks and takeaways. Social Media 1. The best tweets are relevant and get multiplied, and they can even be planned for. @olisnoddyВ of Twitter 2. Attention […]


20 Simple Ways to Increase your Email Subscriber List

Posted on Wednesday 11 September 2017 in Email Marketing

Why do you need to build as large and targeted an email list possible? Simple. Out of all your online marketing activities, email campaigns generate one of best returns on investment. But dont take my word for it. 66% of marketers surveyed for the Email Marketing Industry Census of 2017 described a “good” or “excellent” […]


90+ UK Business Directories for Building Local Search Citations

Posted on Thursday 15 August 2017 in Citation Building

Looking to boost your business citations and Local search rankings?В Below are 93 working directories that are currently accepting new business registrations. If you are building citations purely for traffic, you might want to have a look at this post first. With the exception of some of the social based directories, the rest arent going to […]


The State of the Top 50 UK Business Directories

Posted on Wednesday 14 August 2017 in Local SEO

Over the last two years Google has been killing off link and web directories and it doesnt look like local business directories are having a good time either. Below are list of top 50 online UK business directories ordered by search traffic. Its amazing that some of these sites are still in business. Yelp Yell […]


10 Local SEO Tips from the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey

Posted on Thursday 8 August 2017 in Local SEO

Local businesses are of course keen to know how on earth theyre supposed to get seen on Google, and the annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey is a great way to keep up to date on what are the most effective ways of doing local seo. The results are based on the opinions of experts […]


How to Get Your Local Business Seen on Facebook Graph Search

Posted on Monday 5 August 2017 in Local SEO, Social Media

Facebook Graph Search has been causing quite a bit of excitement among marketers. Its been around for a while if youve been trying out their beta version, and its recently rolled out to all US and UK account holders so now we can all take advantage of it. The question is, will it be a […]


4 Advanced Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics

Posted on Thursday 1 August 2017 in Word of Mouth

Brand Advocates are your most loyal, passionate, and engaged customers, and your best marketers. They dont just buy your products—they sell your products for you. Bob Fuggetta, Zuberance Advocate marketing And theyre powerful people. 83% of these superstars are more likely to share information than your typical web user. And a substantial 70% of people […]


Small Business Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing

Posted on Tuesday 9 July 2017 in Word of Mouth

If you heard about a marketing idea that could bring you more leads and sales, would you be interested in learning more about it? What about an old one that you dont pay much attention to any more but that you probably use to some extent without thinking about it? What about word of mouth […]


The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Beginners Resource List

Posted on Friday 21 June 2017 in Web Design

Designing for the web has changed drastically over the last 2-3 years. The days of designing for rigid screen sizes that are set in stone has long gone. Websites now have to be suitable for a plethora of different screen sizes, being used in very varied situations. This post is a compilation of resources we […]


30+ Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted on Wednesday 19 June 2017 in Blogging

Benefits of blogging Looking for real examples of great blog posts, Ive discovered something quite interesting. Most small businesses dont have a blog! Now, this is surprising as the statistics show that businesses who blog: Attract more web traffic: businesses with blogs attract 55% more visitors than those who dont. Attract more links: this post […]


6 Reasons why Small Businesses shouldnt ignore Generation Y

Posted on Tuesday 18 June 2017 in Social Media

Small business and Gen Y Generation Y, that slice of the population born from the late 1970s to the early 1990s (approximately) will form 75% of the workforce by 2025, according to a report by BPW. As a small business, have you ever wondered if marketing campaigns are reaching them? They're our future management class […]


How to get your customers to leave more reviews

Posted on Wednesday 5 June 2017 in Customer Reviews, Local SEO

Why do I need reviews? The benefits of receiving online feedback are undeniable. Theyll: Move you up the local search rankings in Google Give you a free advertising platform Provide recommendations that other customers are more likely to trust than your own descriptions Provide you with ideas on how to improve your business Let you […]


Marketing your Restaurant with Mobile Apps

Posted on Monday 3 June 2017 in Citation Building, Social Media

There's a large and growing market available to restaurant owners to promote their businesses: the smartphone user. A recent survey on smartphone usage by Pew Internet found that 74% of smartphone owners use “location-based services” on their smartphones: that means asking for directions or looking for recommendations. And with smartphones set to outnumber humans in […]


Google add Local Businesses to the Data Highlighter in Webmaster Tools

Posted on Wednesday 22 May 2017 in Local SEO

With out any announcement, Google has released 6 new data types to their Data Highlighter tool inВ Webmaster Tools;В one of which is for Local Businesses. Even if youreВ not tech savvy or don't have much control over your website's code, you can now start taking advantage of rich snippets. How to highlight your business data 1. Sign […]


Google+ Enhancements: Good for Business?

Posted on Monday 20 May 2017 in Social Media

Last week was a big week for Google announcements at the Google I/O conference, so I thought I'd put together a summary of the most important ones. Google+ Hangouts Google Talk and Google+ Messenger are all coming under the banner of Google+ Hangouts, which means that text, and video chat have become more integrated. And […]


17 Places to Your Market Pet Friendly Business

Posted on Monday 13 May 2017 in Citation Building

Today I stumbled upon an article by Will Reynolds, How being pet friendly became a link building opportunity. Ive been meaning to write this post for a while but Wills post prompted me to get my act together. As a marketer I am always looking for opportunities and it always surprises me how sometimes you […]


56 Link Building Resources

Posted on Friday 10 May 2017 in Link Building

Much has changed in the world of link building in the past couple of year, and much has stayed the same. Thats why weve put together some of the best of the most recent articles on the subjects, with a smattering of evergreen classics mixed in. We hope you find our round-up useful. Search Engines […]


How to use Facebook without spending too much of your hard-earned cash

Posted on Friday 3 May 2017 in Social Media

Facebook is out to make money. Imagine that In the last quarter of 2012 they made $64m (ВЈ41m) in profit, and that was a major drop on the previous year's numbers. Something small businesses should be aware of, as it directly affects them and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, is how exactly Facebook makes […]

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