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Friday Local SEO Round-Up (Week ending 10th January 2014)

Posted on Friday 10 January 2016 in Blogging, Citation Building


Blue Monday's been and gone and I'm hoping you're now feeling enthused and ready to take on the world. If you're a business with a website, now's a great time to have a SEO and content audit to eliminate your weak spots. (Get in touch if you need help with that.)

This is our first round-up of local SEO and other search marketing news and advice of the year and I know It's going to help you with your plans for 2014.

Some pages are more important than others when it comes to getting seen in Google's local search results and Phil Rozek reckons there are 21 that you should definitely have on your website. Here's his list of 21 Pages a 'Small Local Business' Site Needs for Tip-Top Local Visibility.

Getting featured on TV or the radio may seem like a forlorn hope, but there are ways and means. Here's an article that gives real examples of carrying out PR outreach to have your business spotlighted in the media. Peter Attia's the author.

Gregory Ciotti gives some excellent tips for creating content that gets noticed in Content Creation Lessons from Growing 41,231 Newsletter Subscribers

The results from this survey should give you food for thought when thinking about content, your social media campaigns and if your website is fit for purpose in the age of mobile/tablet/laptop/iWatch. Heres How Many Times People Switch Devices In A Single Hour by Aaron Taube.

Google's categories for local business are famously not very helpful at times. Here's a typical example by Matt McGee:

Hey Google, They're Called Real Estate AGENTS (well, maybe not in the UK).

So you know everything there is to know about users and behaviour in the different social media platforms? Maybe best check that… 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Media Strategy by Belle Beth Gifford.

Greg Gifford gives extremely useful tips on local search and links to a webinar on the subject in this article in Moz: Tips For Being A Local Search Superhero. It may be aimed at Local SEOs, but there's a lot that local businesses can take away from it, too.

Matt Cutts of Google has addressed what to do about small duplicate content issues (ie, it isn't advice on what to do if somebody plagiarises your site). And Jennifer Sleg discusses: Googles Matt Cutts: Heres How to Deal With Short-Term Duplicate Content Issues

Local search marketing is a constantly shifting landscape. Adam Dorfman in Search Engine Watch lists the four tactics he believes will become important this year: 4 Local Search Tactics That Will Matter More in 2014

By Sarah Downing-Smith

I'm a writer and marketer for Wonderland Internet Promotions and Wordtracker. I personally blog on my off the beaten path travel blog EuroHotels. Come chat with me on and Twitter.

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