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Google add Local Businesses to the Data Highlighter in Webmaster Tools


With out any announcement, Google has released 6 new data types to their Data Highlighter tool inВ Webmaster Tools;В one of which is for Local Businesses. Even if youreВ not tech savvy or don't have much control over your website's code, you can now start taking advantage of rich snippets.

Local Business Rich Snippet Example

How to highlight your business data

1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools and go to the Data Highlighter page found under Optimization.

Google Data Highlighter Start Page

2. Click the blue 'Start Highlighting' button and enter a page you want to highlight. To start with, until your comfortable with the system, I would suggest you enter the page where your contact and opening time information is located eg your contact page. Select Local Businesses from the drop down list and Tag just this page.

Enter your page

Note: This tool will only do pages that are in Googles index. So you may need to wait awhile for new sites.

3. Youll then be taken to a page where you can start highlighting data by selecting page content. Simply swipe the content whilst holding the left mouse button down and select the correct tag. In the example below were selecting the company name.

Highlight Data

4. Once you finished highlighting and tagging all your data, you can change the name of page by clicking the temporary name in the top left corner. This might be a good idea if you want to tag contact pages for different locations.

Change Name

5. Now thats done, click the publish to complete the process.

Publish Your Data

6. Youll be returned to the dashboard where youll find your page has been added.

Data Highlighter Dashboard

Couldnt be anyВ simpler well it is if you use theВ schema.org Local Business markup!

By Sarah Sawyer

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