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134 SEO Tips and Tricks from BrightonSEO 2017

Posted on Saturday 14 September 2017 in Blogging, Citation Building, Google AdWords, Link Building, Local SEO, Social Media

BrightonSEO September 2013

Wonderland Internet Promotions were at BrightonSEO on September 13th 2017: in our opinion it was the best one yet. For those who werent able to attend, heres our list of tips, tricks and takeaways.

Social Media

1. The best tweets are relevant and get multiplied, and they can even be planned for. @olisnoddyВ of Twitter

2. Attention is steered by the visible crowd: If one person looks up in the street, 40% also look up, 5 people looking up will mean 80% doing the same. If youre clever you can steer the crowd. @olisnoddy

3. 15 million people are on Twitter in the UK, 80% accessing it from their mobiles.В @olisnoddy

4. Use everyday moments to grab attention its not just about major events like Wimbledon.В @olisnoddy

5. Real-time moments are connected moments, live moments and everyday moments.В @olisnoddy

6. Use Vine to answer the regular things your customers ask you.В @olisnoddy

7. Get your name involved with others in your market. Eg Nokia tweeted about the similarity of the new colourful iPhone 5s to their smartphones.В @olisnoddy

8. Optimise TV ads using hashtags and cross-promoting products.В @olisnoddy

9. Have a look at Cadburys & Fords Google+ pages to see how well they use itВ @adrianoaccardoВ of Google

10. You can share whole photo albums on Google+ to just one person if you like.В @adrianoaccardo

11. How to use Google+ hangouts to build content? Watch what Clinique does.В @adrianoaccardo

12. Build your presence on Google+ (create a personl profile, create a page, customize your page, verify your page, use custom urls.)В @adrianoaccardo

13. Engage with your audience on Google+ by posting, sharing, hangouts and events.В @adrianoaccardo

14. Promote your social message beyond the stream (let your customers do the promoting thereby increasing your reach.)В @adrianoaccardo

15. Measure the impact of your Google+ campaigns with social reports in Google Analytics.В @adrianoaccardo

16. Need to know the best time to post a tweet? Use your own data! (Followerwonks a good start.)В @jennitaВ from Moz

17. Use BufferAppВ to space out your tweets. Take the information from Followerwonk to give it the best times to tweet. @jennita

18. Twitter has its own basic Analytics tool, accessible from Twitter Ads. Not everyone has access to it yet, but will do.В @jennita

19.В PageLever gives you data on whats currently happening on Facebook (Facebook doesnt).В @jennita

20.В SimplyMeasured gives lots of free information on when users are posting on Google+ and when people are commenting on your posts.В @jennita

21. Test the timing of your blog posts, Twitter posts, Facebook and Google+ posts. You might find major improvements in traffic, comments and shares.В @jennita

22. Use Bitlys analytics (enterprise) to find out not only whos clicking on your links.В @jennita

23. Moz gets most of their engagement from photos on Facebook by posting more photos, the engagement on their links posts also went up. Try text posts as well.В @jennita

24.В True Social MetricsВ is another good social media measuring tool.В @jennita

25.В Sprout Social can show you the reach of your tweets (rather than just the number of direct retweets).В @jennita

26. Schedule Google+ posts on Sprout Social (you can do this on BufferApp now as well).В @jennita

27. Use Google+ Ripples to find out how and when Google+ posts are shared. You can watch the timeline live on it.В @jennita

28.В Followerwonk can tell you what was happening at the time people unfollowed you on TwitterВ @jennita

29. Figure out what works, then test again.В @jennita

30. Jennitas slides from the conferenceВ http://www.slideshare.net/jennifersablelopez/the-ins-outs-of-testing-social-lots-of-tools

31. Embed Twitter posts and Facebook comments in your site to demonstrate that its an authentic mention by a customer.В @digitangle

32. AddВ Open GraphВ so that your titles are a bit more social friendly.В @digitangle

33. Use theВ snap pluginВ for WordPress for auto-posting tweets and Facebook posts. @digitangle

34. Auto-publish your blog posts to email viaВ Mailchimp.В @digitangle


35. You need a mobile strategy and its easier than you think!В @bridgetrandolphВ of Distilled

36. 77% of people use their mobile to research a product, then half go on to purchase in-store. @bridgetrandolph

37. Mobile is where your online customers react with you.В @bridgetrandolph

38. Mobile websites: whether responsive or dynamic serving, having a separate domain or not All your goals and choices will depend on your technical abilities and should be dependent on your users needs.В @bridgetrandolph

39. 94% of smartphone users have looked for local infoВ @bridgetrandolph

40. Google+ Local is the most important local directory to get your business on to.В @bridgetrandolph

41. NAP citations your businesss name, address and phone number, are important for local SEO. Consistency is the key.В @bridgetrandolph

42. Use the Local Citation Finder toolВ to check that your citations are consistent.В @bridgetrandolph

43. Get on Facebook and make sure your businesss address and phone number is on there.В @bridgetrandolph

44. Would you say it to someone at a dinner party? If not, dont put it on social media.В @bridgetrandolph

45. Create an app: native (for iOS, Android etc) or web app (HTML5). Native is faster but more expensive. Web apps are cheaper and one size fits all.В @bridgetrandolph

46. Create a stamp app if youre a coffee shop, for example. Then you can geotarget people as they walk past your shop.В @bridgetrandolph

47. OnВ Foursquare,В social media competitions will access your mobile users.В @bridgetrandolph

48. Use mobile-friendly email templates 70% read emails on their mobiles. Thats more than the number of people making phone calls.В @bridgetrandolph

49. Provide in-store wi-fi and collect your customers data. Then send them surveys.В @bridgetrandolph

50. Responsive is great for a simple site with not too many pages, but probably not for everyone.В @bridgetrandolph

51. Lots of tips and resources in Bridgets presentationВ http://www.slideshare.net/BridgetRandolph/mobile-strategy-for-small-businesses-brightonseo-2017

52. Twice as many people were accessing the web on mobile in 2012 than they were in 2009.В @JustinGraphitas from Graphitas

53. 40% of search on mobile is with local intent for services, cafes and restaurants etc. @JustinGraphitas

54. Sample menu, pricing, opening hours make sure all the useful content your searchers could want is on your mobile site.В @JustinGraphitas

55. 50% of online sales for Mothers Day came from mobile devicesВ @JustinGraphitas

56. ВЈ13 billion in sales made on mobile just on eBay.В @JustinGraphitas

57. Users browse with intent and are less tolerant, so speed is of the essence.В @JustinGraphitas

58. Have a click to call enabled on your mobile site so people dont have to come out of it and dial single-handed. Its a simple piece of HTML code.В @JustinGraphitas

59. Design from the consumers perspective. Whats their intent, cut the clutter, take into account the circumstances of user viewing the site (eg NHS direct site everything needs to be really easy), think of the required outcome is it a purchase, booking, information?В @JustinGraphitas

60. Target your most popular devices check it out on analytics analytics >audience, mobile, devices.В @JustinGraphitas

61. Use the Opera mobile emulator for Android devices.В @JustinGraphitas

62. Enhance UX with mobile specific HTML click to call, click to SMS,, location services, view desktop site, use relevant keyboard, disable automatic detection of numbers, disable auto correct on name fields.В @JustinGraphitas

63. Worry about SEO, serving, what type of site you need after youve worked out the user part of the journey.В @JustinGraphitas

64. View Justins presentation atВ http://www.slideshare.net/JustinGraphitas/justin-taylor-design-for-mobile-embed

65. 52% of BBC Sports audience comes from tablet or mobile. Paul Plunkett of BBC Sport

Local SEO

66. Think like a consumer, not like the client perВ @davetrottВ via David Whatley ofВ @MiShop.Local

67. Book tip: read Predatory Thinking byВ @davetrott

68. You dont actually need a website to appear in local search.В David Whatley

69. Distance, relevance and prominence are important to searchers. So your address, category, content and customer reviews will influence them.В David Whatley

70. Local listing sites you can add a lot of content to project your brand on them. David Whatley

71. Your bricks and mortar address isnt your unique identifier the name, address and phone number together are needed to identify to Google that you are that business. David Whatley

72. If you dont have a physical address, you can use PPC, buy a physical address, buy a virtual address and work with your distributors.В David Whatley

73. Most people look for specific information when searching, eg a phone number or address.В David Whatley

74. 47% of users are happy using click to call but not happy to call 0845, 0844 etc В  the telephone number you use is very important.В David Whatley

75. With generic keywords use a geotargeted campaign. David Whatley

Google Analytics

76. Bid on your brand name have it in a separate campaign. Its going to be cheap and its going to convert well. Itll help with your overall QS (quality score). @koozai_taraВ of Koozai

77. Use modified broad match. Youll discover lots of keywords that youll not find in your AdWords keywords tool. Building up impressions faster. @koozai_tara

78. Location bid adjustments are the most important of the new features in Google AdWords for local business.В @koozai_tara

79. Exclude locations in bid adjustments if they dont work. Dont let them lie there.В @koozai_tara

80. Schedule ads so that theyre only showing at the times you know you perform well.В @koozai_tara

81. Mobile bid adjustments dont use them if you dont have a mobile site. If you do have a mobile site set mobile bid adjustments at ad group level.В @koozai_tara

82. Use weather bid adjustments if your business gets affected by weather.В @koozai_tara

83. Use AdWords scripts it automates processes and makes them cost effective.В @koozai_tara

84. Remember to set a cap on your monthly spend on AdWords (as well as your daily budget).В @koozai_tara

85. Use ad extensions location extensions are the most important for local businesses.В @koozai_tara

86. Others are review extensions still in beta but coming soon.В @koozai_tara

87. Set call extensions to count as a conversion when the calls gone over eg 30 seconds. That excludes callers who are just phoning to ask for your address etc. Schedule your call extensions so that it doesnt count when youre not in the office.В @koozai_tara

88. Offer extensions free site reviews, free whitepapers etc you can use in an offer extension not just discount offers. They can increase the clickthrough rate by 15%.В @koozai_tara

89. There is no killer keyword anymore, its much more important to look at the reasons WHY people are searching. @stefanjhullВ of Propellernet

Keyword Research

90. Keyword research is just one form of insight. Dont forget about the rest. @stefanjhull

91. Think insight rather than trying to find the killer keyword. Insight includes; persona insight, competitor insight, customer insight, industry insight, keyword research, content, asset reviews, forecasting, search behaviour mapping, listening, user research, marketing plan reviews and influencer research.В @stefanjhull

92. Take a step back from specific keywords to look at the broader picture. Keyword research is only one part of insight.В @stefanjhull

93. Mindmap search behaviours all the different ways people can interact with a brand. Its easier to share this information than on a massive spreadsheet.В @stefanjhull

94. Dont focus on the converting keyword, but on the things that will lead to us finding the converting keyword.В @stefanjhull

95. Not every website visit is equal users dont just visit once and convert customers dont only convert once.В @stefanjhull

96. How to analyse and track better in Google Analytics:

User segmentation for multi-session analysis not everyone has access to it at the moment. Lets you look at the visitor rather than the visits.

Universal analytics to sync online and offline data and improve lead generation.В In beta at the moment. Although re-marketing not currently included, it will be coming, as are many other useful features.В @darafitzgeraldВ ofВ Fresh Egg

97. Multi-channel funnels.В @darafitzgerald

98. Trial Universal Analytics in Beta but more to follow.В @darafitzgerald

99. Analyse cross-session behaviour with user segmentation.В @darafitzgerald

100. Use MCF and Attribution Modelling tools to understand paths to conversion and full channel contribution.В @darafitzgerald

101. Run remarketing campaigns based on visitor data from Google Analytics. Target the ones that got away.В @darafitzgerald

102. Start the move from single visit metrics to lifetime value.В @darafitzgerald

On-Page SEO

103. Searches now are going further and further into the long tail. Were all being more specific.В @LisaDMyersВ of Verve Search

104. In our fear over linking post-Penguin were forgetting that the world wide web is based on links. @LisaDMyers

105. A successful SEO strategy is knowing that theres more to organic traffic than hero keywords with large volumes.В @LisaDMyers

106. Care about user experience great design and navigation, and add well thought out filtering.В @LisaDMyers

107. Some SEO tips: have static URLs, include pages in an XML sitemap, ensure mobile compatibility, dont restrict IPs.В @LisaDMyers

108. Shareability the title and URL has to be descriptive and enticing.В @LisaDMyers

109. Use microformats and rich snippets.В @LisaDMyers

110. Filtering is longtail SEO heaven.В Eg hotels (romantic, business, shopping) quality (luxury, budget) area, facilities, activities.В @LisaDMyers

111. Use specific filters to target the long tail. Not many others are doing it so it has real potential. @LisaDMyers

112. Use rel=author.В @LisaDMyers

113. Get blogging it increases keyword reach, link equity, social equity and it makes it easier to do outreach.В @LisaDMyers

114. Attract rather than sell create content that deserves links.В @LisaDMyers

115. An example of great content:

Infographic for Expedia http://www.visitnorway.com/The-Northern-Lights/Northern-Lights-Infographic … @LisaDMyers

116. Lisas presentation:В http://www.vervesearch.com/blog/brightonseo-on-page-marketing-slides/

117. BBC use the following to make sure theyre seen at the top search engine results: Headline, story summary, give the image a good search engine friendly name, captions and alt tags, inline links to own content, inline links to external content, intros to stories, updating stories, features including video and audio (dont put a newspaper style headline on these it needs to feature a keyword) and planning for big events.В Paul Plunkett

118. Use schema in your code to highlight some of the following in the search results:

@PurposeGamingВ (Sam Harries) of SiteVisibility

119. Use Structured Data Markup Helper to create rich schema. @PurposeGaming

Link Building

120.В SearchmetricsВ is a great tool for spotting trends and problems. @Tim_GriceВ of Branded3

121. Adding value or becoming a brand are the ways to please Google. Both take money. @Tim_Grice

122. Your new link strategy should be:

Create something to talk about.

Promote it to a relevant audience В great content alone isnt enough.

123. Be a part of the conversation.В @Tim_Grice

124. Dont worry about anchor text andВ keyword relevance if its a natural reference its good.В @Tim_Grice

125. Target pages should be the pages that deserve to be linked to.В @Tim_Grice

126. Ways to create content that will get links:

Pay a popular writer for content.

Paid media = Earned links. Eg, if you have a good infographic pay for PPC to get in front of people to start to get it shared.

Work with the right people.В @Tim_Grice

127. Great content example: Skippy the stone skipping robot. Earned 1400 shares on Mashable, 1,300 tweets and $3m in earned media.В @skipediaВ (Iain Martin) of Skipedia

128. Great content example:В Old skool skiing via new skool skiingВ earned 4,000 blog links.В @skipedia

129. Great content example:В Vail resorts produced a social app that saw 200,000 social shares in 5 weeks & a 31% increase in revenue. @skipedia

130. Great marketing example: Intersport ski hire transformedВ Convention metro station into a ski slope and received 10,000+ YouTube views. @skipedia

131. Great content example: Tignes produced a video of theВ first ever backflip of a mini,В attractingВ 4 million YouTube views and over 1,000 links plus 2.6m eurosВ in earned media. @skipedia

Conversion Rate Optimisation

132. Conversion rate optimisation can increase your clickthrough rate enormously. Use Google Analytics Content Experiments to test variations. @digitangle (Katrina Gallagher) of Digitangle

133. Avoid duplicate content penalties pick one version of your page and use the rel=canonical. @digitangle


134. Use tools like Microsoft IIS SEO tool, Majestic SEO, Screaming Frog, CRO Tools and Webmaster Tools to test when restructuring, moving domains or redesigning your site. Test on a section before you do the full move.В @digitangle

Thanks to all the great speakers we saw and were gutted we didnt get to see everyone.

Were hoping all the informations correct, but as it was picked up on the day, there may be the odd faux pas. Let us know if you spot any.

By Sarah Downing-Smith

I'm a writer and marketer for Wonderland Internet Promotions and Wordtracker. I personally blog on my off the beaten path travel blog EuroHotels. Come chat with me on and Twitter.

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