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SERP Scraper now available for Mac OS X

Posted on Wednesday 29 January 2016 in Tools


For all you Apple owners, Ive ported ourВ SERP ScraperВ to run on Mac OS X 1.6 or higher. You can now scrape to your hearts content!

SERP Scraper

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By Sarah Sawyer

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  • http://www.insurancefiles.com/ Insurance Leads Pro

    I created the same thing on Python 3 years ago.
    How do you bypass Google Captcha?

  • http://www.wonderlandpromotions.co.uk/ Sarah Sawyer

    You cant. So far it hasnt tripped any captchas, but I advise you always run it with the scrape delay is set to random. Or use private proxies when doing long running prospecting jobs.

  • http://www.imoddigital.com/ Christopher M

    Finally, some Mac software for SEO!

    • Stephen Shaw

      Hello, this dosnt seem to work on Mavericks. Is there a update?

      • http://www.imoddigital.com/ Christopher M

        I havent actually looked, I wasnt the author the this post though..

  • http://www.fernandobiz.com/ Fernando Biz

    Great article and new ideas for our SEO agency in London.

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