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SERP Scraper now available for Mac OS X

Posted on Wednesday 29 January 2016 in Tools

For all you Apple owners, Ive ported ourВ SERP ScraperВ to run on Mac OS X 1.6 or higher. You can now scrape to your hearts content! Quick links: Download page with information on how the scraper works A quick how to guide on setting up and using the scraper Dont forget to follow me on Twitter […]


How to use Simple SERP Scraper

Posted on Friday 10 January 2016 in Tools

Heres a quick walkthrough on how to configure Simple SERP Scraper, which can be downloaded for free here. Prospect Tab Country:В the Google TLD youd like to query Search Index: the index to scrape: the web, blog posts or blog homepages Scrape Delay: the amount of time to wait between each scrape Number of Results: how […]

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