Event Organization

In modern business, companies will inevitably, at some point, be required to organize some kind of event. Knowing how to do this effectively will maximize its success. This blog is designed to inform readers on this subject. Hopefully, this will make the task of managing functions easier.

There are several aspects of event organization that are worth exploring. One of the most vital is choosing the right venue, as the overall layout will determine other factors such as logistics, travel, parking and the timetable. This blog looks at some of the most relevant issues related to event management.

Tips for Choosing an Event Management Company

25 Sep 2020

Choosing an event management company need not be stressful. A sure sign that they are not worth your time includes missed phone calls, lost information, unclear communication about prices and other relevant information. No website is another sign that the company is a bad choice.

How to Relax When Organising an Event?

30 Aug 2020

Organising an event can undoubtedly be a stressful time as there are many things to consider. Transport, dining, seating, audiovisuals, invitations and much more need to be taken into account. Relaxing with some online casinos, having a massage, taking a walk and chatting with friends can make the process easier.

The Biggest Yearly Events in the iGaming Industry

9 Aug 2020

iGaming is one of the world's most exciting and rapidly developing industries, where event organization is key for professionals to keep up with the constantly evolving trends. Business-2-Business conferences, workshops and large-scale events offer an excellent chance for specialists to collaborate, network, and exchange ideas about the industry. In this article, we'll cover the most significant annual iGaming events taking place around the globe.


The largest yearly event in the iGaming industry is SiGMA. This event is held in three locations; Malta, Manila, and Latin America, and attracts over 12,500 attendees.

The conference is well organized and there are over 2,500 affiliates who participate. There are also many sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers, as well as some of the best casino operators (see the list of best online casinos here)

The event is an opportunity for businesses to share their ideas and make valuable connections. At this massive iGaming conference, professionals review emerging industry trends, hubs, and technology. Participants can benefit from being a delegate, a sponsor, an exhibitor, or even a keynote speaker.

Betting on Sports America

Sports betting is one of the most popular aspects of iGaming. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that members of that community have their conference. At this yearly meeting, there are over 175 industry speakers spread across 40 sessions.

The goal of this annual event is to help members of the trade exchange information and ideas. The lectures give participants a great idea about how to evaluate odds, improve customer relations, and make the most out of betting online.

Fire and Ice

Lyceum Media's Fire and Ice is one of the biggest parties hosted for iGaming companies and prominent enthusiasts. It's been one of the most anticipated annual networking events in the industry since 2002.

The party is held during the same week as the London Affiliate Conference and promises participating execs a night to remember. This isn't your standard B2B conference, but rather a place where people play as hard as they work.

Fire and Ice is a time of the year for celebration, booze, and mingling. Even though it’s super fun, it's also an excellent opportunity for iGaming specialists to establish partnerships and find sponsors.

Coin Geek Conference

Cryptocurrencies have opened up a new realm of opportunity for members of the iGaming Industry. Due to this rapid evolution, CoinGeek plans to start hosting three yearly conferences.

At these events, iGaming professionals and experts in crypto come together. They share experience, impart knowledge, and generate more revenue in their respective businesses.

London Affiliate Conference

The world's largest iGaming affiliate event is the iGB London Affiliate Conference. There are over 91 countries represented, 5000 attendees, 150 exhibitors and sponsors, as well as 50 expert speakers. This event offers emerging and well-seasoned participants an opportunity to focus on taking their business to the next level.

The conference emphasizes actionable strategies for business development. Participants can catch up with existing clients and meet new prospects. Either way, it's easy to come out of this event feeling inspired to set and achieve new goals.

The Verdict

Whether they're planning on hitting them all or just a few, these annual parties and conferences are worth a trip if you are somehow involved in the industry. Emerging professionals and experienced enthusiasts have a lot to gain from participating.

How to Choose a Venue

9 Jul 2020

Choosing a venue for an event depends on the requirements of a customer. There are several things to consider, including price, size of the venue, location and facilities. For example, large weddings would require a different venue from that of a small gathering of people wanting to have an annual meeting.